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4 Week Diploma Course Overview
Live Playing Ensembles Private
Harmony Ear Training Total Hours
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Live Playing Ensembles

Live playing ensembles are organized to help you learn your instrument in a “real time” playing environment. Ensemble class lessons include chart reading, comping, soloing responsibilities, and rhythm section contributions, all taught at your own level. Non-readers begin with simple music to work with. The goal of this class is to help you improve your playing skills, and play well with other musicians.  You will experience a significant growth in your playing abilities through these classes.

Private Lessons

This is the core program at The Players School. You will have two private instrument lessons each week. Lessons will include written music from day one. You will work on chords, rhythm, reading, improvisation, comping, and instrument-specific exercises, all done at your speed to learn the material. You will develop your abilities & dexterity on your instrument through an organized outline that has been designed to help you strive for your personal best.

Music Principles

This class was organized to introduce you to different areas of music and the realities of the music industry. Studies include musical mechanics, study philosophies, music history, the music business, musical improvisation, and logical approaches to playing and practice. Special guest lecturers will be invited throughout the Semester to discuss their experiences in the professional music business.


This class provides you with an understanding of the mechanics of contemporary harmony. A placement test will determine your level of study. Your studies will include scales, chords, chord progressions, melodic studies, and music analysis; all at a level within your comprehension. Your musical life will change as you begin to understand what harmony is, how to apply this knowledge to your instrument and how necessary it is to your growth as a player.

Ear Training

In this class, you will learn how to identify melodies, rhythmical patterns, and chord progressions away from your instrument. The goal is to have you develop your relative ear through weekly reading, conducting, and singing exercises. This class trains you to identify what you are hearing; an essential tool to become a great musician.


The Players School of Music will provide Free Tutoring for any student that may need extra assistance with their studies.  Qualified tutors are available to provide you with one-on-one assistance.